The Dolphin Hotel


Interior design:
George Livissianis

Regarded for decades as a Surry Hills institution synonymous with good times, The Dolphin Hotel has recently been re-invigorated. It now features three distinct spaces; a Dining Room, Wine Room and a Public Bar. Owner Maurice Terzini and his team have built on the iconic venue’s heritage, adding an exciting new layer to its history by repurposing and transforming the space with a modern perspective and offering quality food and beverage.The identity itself needed to represent both the fun, contemporary atmosphere, as well as communicate the quality of the food and beverages on offer.

Inspired by the work of artists Lawrence Weiner and Keith Haring the Dolphin Hotels identity combines powerful black and white illustration with dynamic typography playfully based on a Dolphin jumping.The playful typographic approach is offset by the use of refined serif typography. This contrast in style captures the Hotels main focus; fun but with an eye on quality.The used of Beni’s illustration throughout the interior, as well as the menus being wrapped in twine (mimicking the Christo inspired wrapping of objects and walls inside the venue) creates a seamless integration between the space and brand.

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