Murray Bell
Liquid Protocol

Derek Henderson

The new Icebergs identity centres around the concept of “The invisible restaurant”. With an awe-inspiring view out over Bondi Beach, we wanted to create a brand which allowed the location to come to the fore. The word marque sits humbly in the background with the abstracted Bondi tide line coming to the fore.

Tides dictate much of the activity in Bondi. The best time to surf, swim, fish. The identity encapsulates this by creating a dynamic tide line. On the website the height of the tide line is dictated by the prevailing tide. The cafe menu allows for unique folding each day to indicate tides. At lower tides the word marque can clearly be seen. At high tide it is completely obscured. For individual events the tide level at the time of the event forms part of the graphic language.

Colour palette and finishing is based on the name Icebergs itself; using transparent foil, white on white and a crisp aqua.